Meet Katie: My Official Taste Tester

After a grueling interview process, I’ve finally filled the very prestigious position of “Official Taste Tester” for Erika’s Big Butter Bakery.

Meet Katie.

Katie is a Notre Dame graduate, Boston native and now works in New York City. Katie’s favorite activities include drinking wine, looking at learning to play her guitar, watching Disney channel original movies, and refining her palate by eating disgusting amounts of baked goods.

If you have any questions of your own for Katie, feel free to ask in the comments section below.


5 responses

  1. Katie!

    Since when were you a taste-tester?? Sounds like a great gig, haha.

    Blog looks great, very cool stuff…nice layout and the pictures of the baked goods are mouth-watering.

    One tip (totally don’t have to do this, just a suggestion): want to increase traffic to your site? Reach out to other food blogs via email, twitter and on their blogs and see if you can swap recipes. Offer to profile them or interview them about their favorite recipes. You’ll see over time that their readers become yours….and with this your traffic will grow exponentially.

    You could even put together short 1-2 minute demo videos of how to mix the batter, etc…sorry if I’m rambling, I’m a self-diagnosed addict when it comes to blogging.

    Looking forward to seeing more recipes come through.

  2. Have you considered guest testers? You know, like a relief pitcher in case Katie needs a breather…because I hereby offer my services.

    P.S. The boozy pie crust tip is a gem.

  3. Jimmy! Its an excellent gig. In which case I am personally inviting you over to offer your hand at taste-tests as well.

    Erika Big Butter – Caroline may give you a run for your money with her Christmas specialty Bread Pudding. I think recipes need to be shared between the two of you 🙂

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