Product Review: Arctic Zero

A healthy alternative…because like I always say, we can’t stuff our faces with butter and sugar ALL the time.

Contrary to how it may appear from some of my recent recipe postings (ahem..Birthday Cake Oreo Funfetti Cheesecake), I do try to keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Instead of indulging in something every day, I like to treat myself to something decadent once or twice a week. In theory, this is great. In reality, most nights at around 9 my sweet tooth kicks in with a vengeance.  I picked up a pint of Arctic Zero several weeks ago at Whole Foods because I honestly didn’t believe the pint could have only 150 calories and I figured it was worth a try.

How they managed to make the entire pint so low in calories and carbs but keeping a rich flavor is beyond me.  I don’t care how they did it, all I know is that I will have this stocked in my freezer 24/7.

Find locations where Arctic Zero is sold near you here.

These little babies are now a staple in my house and will be my go-to dessert when I get that sugar itch.  My favorite flavor is Vanilla Maple 🙂

Try it out and let me know what your favorite flavor is!

150 Calorie Pints