Look who’s baking!

I started this blog to compile all my recipes, not really thinking anyone would actually READ my random ramblings.  Well, apparently I’m not the only fatso who gets all hot and bothered over baked goods.  I’ve gotten such great feedback from everyone and a few of my readers have even gotten in the kitchen and made some of my goodies!

The Iced Pumpkin Cookies were a reader favorite.  Look how they turned out:

Kristina Pantano

Please note that these cookies were iced by a 3-year-old boy, not Kristina.  If yours look like this..seek help.

Crystal Gray

Sidenote: I’m in LOVE with the oven in Chrystal’s kitchen. It’s just so prettyyyy.

Thanks again for reading and baking with me! Let me know if there’s something specific you want me to bake and I’ll try my best to make it happen 🙂